Thursday, January 7, 2010


"What is that smell?"
"What smell are you talking about?"
"The one that is making my nose angry!"

(JS didn't like the smell of our cooked cereal this morning ;P)


I asked him "What are you doing in there?"
His reply..."I just wanted to get in there."
That's about par for the course (pun intended) for this funny little guy.
(mini-golfing to celebrate his 4th birthday)


My biggest surpise at Christmas this year was a new copy of Santa Mouse. You can see in the picture the old copy that my family has had since I was a baby. It was my favorite Christmas book and I was thrilled when my mom let me have it for my own family a few years ago. While Mom was in SLC she found the new version in Barnes and Noble and decided to buy it for me.
When I opened it it brought tears to my eyes. Mom remembered how much I loved this book....


Introducing.....Mii!! Yes, that's me on my Wii bike getting ready for a ride around the island. Yes, my Mii is a bit on the 'fluffy' side. That's why I now own the Wii Fit Plus. To work on that 'fluff'! (K-??)


Couldn't pick just one picture today of my new little "Sunbeam". Hooray, he's finally done with Nursery.....(JS-3.99)


This little guy just LOVES music. He is very happy when we pull his chair up to the piano and let him 'serenade' us....(C-10 mos)


Nothing like a cup of hot cocoa to warm up a body after some New Year's Day sledding.... (CN-13)